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Unemployed Commentators: Classic Sports With Modern Commentary

Best Worst Cantina Media is proud to bring you Unemployed Commentators. Two comedians watch classic sports and talk about them. The problem is they can't seem to stay on topic. It's like if those guys who sat on their couch thinking, "I could do that" got paid to commentate.

Unemployed Commentators is hosted by Gian Carlo, a comedian and commentator with experience calling MMA and Grappling. Co-host is Gary John Miller, Comedian and owner of Best Worst Cantina Media. The first episode features former professional MMA fighter and Actor Skye Folsom.

The hosts envision a show in which viewers and listeners can participate as well. If someone suggests a sporting event they will gladly watch it and commentate on it, they have plenty of time to do so as they are unemployed commentators.

The first audio episode is currently on Spotify, Applecasts, and Anchor with the first video episode set to premiere August 5th, 2020.



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