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This Caribbean Life (A Poem By Gian Carlo)

I was feeling a little homesick writing this last night after some drinks with good friends.


The heat of the sun combined with the ice cold beer with the vision of the ocean as we make memories that we took for granted,

We did not realize the paradise was temporary.

Oh, this Caribbean life!

Our toes are in the sand while we share the ideas we have for our future.

Thinking that we have the world in our hands.

Oh, this Caribbean life!

The outsiders are coming in, and they share the love we have for this little volcanic place.

Oh, this Caribbean life!

We blame them for coming even though we are the biggest enemy to this place.

Oh, this Caribbean life!

The opportunities are fading, and I have no where else to go.

Oh, this Caribbean life!

I might have to find a place where I can start from the beginning, and be away from my family.

Oh, this Caribbean life!

I have my ticket in my hand, and I'm saying goodbye to those I promised that I would never leave.

I look back in the past, as I am in the high desert.

Thinking about the Caribbean life.

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