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The Art I Once Loved - A Poem By Gian Carlo

I think many of us have felt burn out when you're pursuing something great, and I feel we have this idea that just as long as you put in one hundred percent in something, that you will be successful. Sometimes letting go is the best choice but the hardest. It doesn't matter what others think of you. Your mental health comes first.


My heart weeps for the art I once loved.

As my body aches every morning reminding me of the hours away from home,

My soul hurts even more that I can't take back time.

Was it therapy?

Or was it an addiction?

I'm going through withdrawal, but I feel numb.

Many cities traveled and many memories have been made.

Countless of hours spent showing the love of the art.

As much as it pains me now.

It will now be considered the art I once loved.

-Gian Carlo

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