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Thank You For Coming to The Mirage Comedy Show

This past Friday on July 21st, 2023 The Dads premiered their first produced comedy show at The Mirage Sports bar and we could not have been more blessed with our audience. We want to thanks each and every one of you for providing us with your attention and laughter.

The Dads perform a comedy show at The Mirage Sports Bar in Littleton, CO
(L to R) Gary John Miller, Ben Hilzer, Jack Anderson, Sam Butler

We also want to give a thank you to our performers Robert Abbott and George Delgado. The two of them elevated the show and provided such a great experience. The two of them perform all around town and we highly encourage you to go seem them when you get the chance.

Comedian George Delgado performs at The Dads comedy show at the Mirage Sports Bar in Littleton, CO
Comedian George Delgado

Comedian Robert Abbott performs at the Dads comedy show at The Mirage Sports Bar in Littleton, CO
Robert Abbott

We are looking forward to our August 18th show. We will have new comedians performing alongside The Dads as well as brand new sketches and content for you guys. This show will again be at 7:30 PM and is a pay what you may show. We greatly appreciate any tips you leave for the performers.

We promise to continually push ourselves to have a great show with new and awesome stuff for you guys. We don't want to steep ourselves in hyperbole, but we would rather bring it every time and not phone it in. If we start phoning it in for you guys, then we would rather walk away.

I would be remiss if I didn't invite each and every one of you to tell your friends about our 8/18 show but I want to invite you to come to our 8/30 headlining show at The Vintage Theater in Aurora. This show is an hour and a half of sketch comedy that we have locked and loaded for you all. We have sketches premiering and our very best content for you all to see.

Tickets for this event are here:

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