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Sailing Away - A Poem By Gian Carlo

This poem is about my friend who passed away a few years ago. Rest in peace Enrique "Ike"  Oramas


You're sailing away somewhere outside this existence.

I'm here blaming myself for not noticing that your ship was ready to sail.

It's been four years, and it still hurts.

Life was art to you.

You kept painting on the canvas of life with the memories you've made with the vision of others as the paint.

Not realizing that you kept paint brush wet with the tears you've hid from us.

I wish I could go back in time before you set sails.

Enjoy the adventure outside of this world.

One day, we will look back at our past lives once I leave this world.

Bur for now, keep sailing away.

Keep sailing away.

- Gian Carlo

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