Roger Clemens Strikes Out Twenty Batters

How can we stay indoors and enjoy the boys of Summer with these cardboard fans taking our rightful place in the nosebleeds? Well, the Unemployed Commentators took the time to be bored out of their mind at a baseball game from the comfort of their home. The destination for today's experience was the mid-80's, 1980's to be specific.

You want more specificity?

The year 1986 is probably best known to historians as the birth year of Lady Gaga and Amanda Bynes, however something else happened that year that will never be forgotten. If you guessed Roger Clemens striking out twenty batters for the first time in MLB history, you were absolutely correct.

On April 29th, 1986 a young Roger Clemens faced the Seattle Mariners and walked away with a 3-1 win. The city of Boston was able to alleviate the pain of being destroyed by the '85 Bears in the Superbowl only a few months prior. It was a magical moment as Roger Clemens threw a baseball as only a poet could describe as, "really good".


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