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Other Side Of You - A Poem By Gian Carlo

I wrote this poem from my experience when I moved out of Puerto Rico with nothing to my name but $86. I learned a lot about myself as an adult and have grown so much ever since then. From starting as a housekeeper to then a chef in Denver, and then moving to New Mexico and train as a martial artist and coach. There was a lot of toxicity from my character that was learned from my culture that I had to let go to be a better me in where I am now.


If there's an ugliness inside of you that you can't get rid of, please move out of your hometown.

It's hard to view the perspective of others if you don't see outside the perspective of your own world.

It's difficult.

It's challenging.

But there is a beautiful version of yourself waiting for you on the other side.

Be proud of where you come from.

Be excited for who you will be.

For there is world that's inside of you that you need to discover.

Different cultures and different views.

Go explore the other side of you.

-Gian Carlo

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