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Lady Death ( A Poem By Gian Carlo)

A picture of a skull amongst a black background

I wrote this poem after experiencing major life events recently. I like to think that this poem revolves around transforming your ideas into reality since much of our reality is essentially shaped by our ideas.


In the depths of my existence, I've found a love,

A love so unique, it eludes those around me.

Lady Death, she whispers from afar,

It's not the final curtain, my friend.

Perhaps it's the birth of a fresh existence,

A new chapter to embrace life's dance.

For what we perceive as the end,

May just be a reward for the tales we've spun.

We immortalize dreams turned real,

We personify the truth, we feel.

In this grand tapestry we weave,

We become Lady Death, we become belief.

-Gian Carlo

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