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Fever Dream - A Poem By Gian Carlo

I wrote this poem while I couldn't sleep when I had the flu recently. A lot of changes in my life have been lately, but it's been inspiring nonetheless.


In and out of consciousness.

What was a dream and what was reality?

Bad memories surrounded the room as I sweat out the toxins of my past behavior.

Should I hold on to the resentment to remind myself how to act?

Or should I medicate and forget those who wrong me and continue to stay numb to the kindness of others?

Kindness is only but a sign of weakness if it is first displayed when on sight.

Where do I go from here?

Are my answers in this dark room as I shiver the chills that are in my bones?

Or is it outside under the bright sky where the black birds are staring?

As if they are telling me to adapt and overcome,

And to fly somewhere where the answers hide.

There's a portal to a new reality within yourself through a conversation with a stranger.

I prayed for long nights,

But I'm ready for this night to be over.

-Gian Carlo

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