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Drink Up, Friend! - A Poem By Gian Carlo

I had the best conversations at the bar with my closest friends, and as weird as it sounds, I learned more from the life experiences of others who were sitting on the barstool next to me than from anything else.


Drink up, Friend!

Times will be tough and it will all end.

Whether it is for the best or the worst,

Only time will tell what will hurt the most.

Drink up, Friend!

We can celebrate the heartbreaks that we will never endure, or dwell on those that we have had.

Drink up, Friend!

It's last call and we have to decide where to go, but we can't stay here.

Where do we go?

There are plenty of memories we need to show.

Through the journey that we have had or tell the tales of those who are not alive to tell their own.

Drink up, Friend!

We are not even half way to the end.

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