Don't Call It A Comeback Production Update

This post does not encapsulate the entirety of the production but a short synopsis of the process.

Most important: Principal on Don't Call it a Comeback is almost wrapped.

Co-Producing, co-writing, and acting in this film has been a rewarding and challenging experience. It's been a year and change doing so. Don't Call It a Comeback started with an idea and then co-writing with Rob McNeil. We then got Megan Elisabeth Kelly on board and after numerous drafts pitched it to Angotango Pictures as a co-production to be directed by Anthony Ngo. We had a framework script to go off of and began fine tuning it to what we desired. Ultimately the question was posed.

"Would you be willing to make a movie for $5,000?"

After a crowdfunding campaign that you all helped us successfully accomplish, we were able to begin shooting.

Any kind of filmmaking is ambitious in my opinion but a feature film on a budget of $5,000 has to be bungee jumping blindfolded ambitious.

I can tell you that if you're going to make movies, make them with friends. Working a 14 hour day with people like Anthony Ngo and Megan Elisabeth Kelly has been one of my favorite experiences. Their desire to do better has pushed me at every opportunity to want to put out the best film we can.

We currently have a couple weekends left and I wanted to publicly thank a few people. While we will ultimately thank everyone involved in the making of this film a couple of locations have been monumental in helping this project become a reality. I want to reiterate that although I am not specifically naming someone in this blog, you are not forgotten and will be given due credit.

I want to thank My Brother's Bar, Catalina's Cafe, and Cameron Blair.

Without you this film would not have been doable.

My Brother's Bar: 2376 15th St, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 455-9991

Catalina's Diner: Catalina's Diner

273 E Kiowa Ave, Elizabeth, CO 80107

(303) 646-2700

Cameron Blair graciously allowed us to film at his house and is currently guitarist for Colorado rock band Battle for Alaska.

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