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Check out our Podcasts at Best Worst Cantina

At Best Worst Cantina Media we are excited to announce our newest podcast The Shoot.

The Shoot is an MMA podcast hosted by Gian Carlo. Gian Carlo is currently the co-host of our flagship podcast Unemployed Commentators. The Shoot can be heard on our website under our podcast section along with Spotify & Anchor. We're looking forward to hearing Gian's passion for the MMA community come through in the podcast. While Gian is known for podcasting and performing he is also an avid participant in the Jiu Jitsu community as well in New Mexico. We believe his hands on knowledge is perfect for beginners in the sport and veterans looking to share their experience as well.

We also highly endorse our other weekly podcast Unemployed Commentators as it is available on all streaming platforms from Youtube, to Spotify, to Apple. Please give us a follow, a like, and a subscribe.

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