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AAA - A Poem By Gian Carlo

The simplicity of life can be a reminder that everything is going to be okay.


I can only do so much but be myself in this world full of identities inspired by their occupations or hobbies.

Ironically, there are still much to learn about myself in the process.

How can I be myself if there is not much information to get to know thyself.

Academics are taught facts that they repeat time after time that the real information fades.

Artists create stories to escape the realities of the society they live.

Athletes play the game of their choosing, or whatever their parents forced them to believe they chose it.

While the others who don't belong in the category of the three A's are in a battle of a AAA of their own.

Existence should not be fueled by the pressure of societal norms, but a reminder that we are the energy that we surround ourselves.

The rain is pouring outside, and as I admire it through my window,

I'm grateful to be a part of a world where such beauty exists.

-Gian Carlo

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