Megan Elisabeth Kelly in "The Neon Unicorn"

What happens when you have a Unicorn Mask, a talented photographer, and a filmmaker that wants to make a fake movie trailer parodying Elle Fanning's Neon Demon?

Stupid question.

The fine folks at Angotango Pictures colluded with us to create what we arrogantly believe is a masterpiece in a peculiar sense of eccentric. The cumbersome weight of weirdness was carried by Anthony Ngo, Marla Keown (Who's photos you are admiring) and Best Worst Cantina.

We honestly didn't have an actor under the unicorn mask. That's a real life unicorn. The woman he happens to have under his spell is none other than Megan Elisabeth Kelly (Life is Strange, Every Single Someone, Persnickety). We feel you need no further hindrance of words.

Feel free to admire these photos Marla Keown nailed.

"Neighby you can be my girl"

"Love, it's like a dusty flower on a window above a trash strewn alleyway"

"Hornered to be here"

"Hornge you glad I didn't say banana?"

"Lady in red, today we will get that bread"

"Inspired by Gap"

"If it's the wrong way, why do I feel so right"

"You're suspended"

"Hey, welcome to Chili's"

"What a handsome devil, I'm sure a Unicorn head would look good on him"

"Inspired by Old Navy"

Directed by Anthony Ngo

Edited by Gary Miller

Photography by Marla Keown

Unicorn: Ben Humphrey

Model: Megan Elisabeth Kelly

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