What To Do When You're Owner is a Piece of Sh*t

By Dr. Cat Pajamas, contributor.

Dr. Cat Pajamas

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Dr. Cat Pajamas is a world renowned expert in human studies. He received an undergraduate degree from Harvard, where he belonged to Kevin Reynold's in his dorm. He earned a master's from Petsmart and a Doctorate from Daddy Yum Yum's Cat Emporium, It was there he first jumped upon a keyboard and began writing his advice column. We are lucky here at Best Worst Cantina to have a column for our cat bretherin on the internet. We believe in progressive values and that doesn't stop at what species is allowed to write for our website and visit our website. Cat's have been watching cat comedy for years on the internet, it's time we allowed their voices to be heard.

-Best Worst Cantina

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