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A Gary Home Companion


Before we begin, we must tell you that Ben Hilzer will be performing in Pride & Prejudice at Theater Works in Colorado Springs, CO. The showhad it's opening weekend and will be running until May 7. Ben is playing the role of Mr. Collins.

Picture this, but more Ben, more better.

We have a new podcast for you featuring Gary Miller as your host. Gary envisioned it as his way of being a friend to you. After working a terrible job and telling his boss to politely insert and object into a bodily cavity, he thought, "I could use something other than terrible screaming to listen to". Now if that's your thing, by all means, scream away. But he prefers a good conversation. A firm believer in the majesty of the connected universe, He's playing sailor in a cardboard tugboat casting his lifeline to you. Think of him as Mr. Roger's cousin who grew up making ends meet fighting chickens. Not against each other, that would be crazy, no he fought chickens with his own hands. Those tiny, meaty, baby hands.

The name of the podcast came about during the first recording with Seth Hardcastle, "A Gary Home Companion" is what it was decided to be. It's cute and stupid, just the way he likes it. We also considered, "Everyone Has One" because everyone has a story, an opinion, and a podcast. We're not nearly as fine tuned or polished as a "Prairie Home Companion" but we'll get that wagon home even if we have to push it.

You can expect more of a variety from this podcast, sometimes it's just Gary spouting out his opinion on the world so that he can listen to it and argue with himself. Sometimes its a conversation with another human being, other times it's whatever nonsense it wants to be. We're very excited for people who are into this sort of thing, you know using their ears to listen to words, to be able to bring you our very own podcast to share with you.

We are currently three episodes in, we took a two week hiatus to fine tune the format and further episodes will be shorter and it will no longer appear on weekly Fridays but on Mondays weekly.


Due to Ben and Gary having busy schedules we can't always pump out a sketch or get on stage as a duo due to other projects we are committed to. Ultimately, Best Worst Cantina is a collective, an opportunity for us to create with others and pursue whatever projects we want with no reigns. We are creating things to not only to give our own lives something worthwhile but to invite you, our wonderful participating audience along as well.

We loves us all the support from our family, friends, and total strangers. We will continue to work on new material and taking our live show to a town near you. In the mean time please stay tuned for more projects Ben and Gary are either in or producing as the two work their careers like a non stop graveyard shift.


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A Gary Home Companion

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