Make a Movie Happen, Cap'n.

Hello and happy Monday,

We are asking you to help us out!

We hope you folks are ready and willing to take on the week and nourish it until it flowers into a beautiful weekend with your loved ones. The couple of hooligans that make up Best Worst Cantina, Ben and Gary want to ask for a little help with a project they were a part of.

Army & Coop film

We're talking about Army & Coop, the story of Mike "Army" Armstrong, a down-and-out NHL tough guy. when he is suspended from the league, he uses his time off to embark on a testosterone-fueled, skirt-chasing struggle against old foes to win back his ex-girlfriend. Ultimately, however, he must overcome his greatest adversary - himself.

Army & Coop Movie

If you are curious about helping this production or for further information please check out their Indiegogo campaign and if you can't contribute, sharing it helps more than you can imagine.

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