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I was at my best friend's bar drinking the last Medalla I would drink for a long time. Friends from elementary school all the way up to my culinary school days were surrounding me as they shared their stories with me before I took my flight to the Mile High City. Both of my parents were there, as they watched their son become an adult with a suitcase and hope that this new life leads to the happiness he hasn't experienced since he was a child.

Many hugs were shared, and as I walked through security, I looked back to see my mother in tears. "I should've been a better son.", I thought to myself. I remembered just sitting by myself and in tears. How could I hate such a place but know deep down I would miss it? I prayed the the cash I had with me at the time would at least last me two weeks. Even though I knew it wouldn't. I sat next to a stranger who saw my eyes and knew that I was leaving home. He asked me,

"Where are you moving to?"

"Colorado", I answered.

"I moved to Chicago when I was about your age, and even though it was hard, it was the best decision I've ever made. You can always bring the culture with you, but life's hard if your culture is holding you back from a life you could give to yourself and your future family.", He replied.

The man bought me a drink and we talked about life experience and he answered all my questions about moving to a new place by yourself.

I don't remember his name, or his face as a matter of fact. Maybe the universe sat him next to me to comfort me with advice and life experiences before I go on with this hard decision.

Leaving home is the greatest thing you can do in order to grow. I've had a better conversation with those who left their hometown for even a small time in their lives than someone who never left.

I would still be a man child if I didn't. Sometimes the lowest time of your life will take you to the highest of mountains.

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