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IANxSOLO (pronounced Ian Solo) is a hip hop artist from Denver, Colorado. Ian has been known by several monikers over his 10 years in the music industry. During these years he fronted bands, recorded several solo projects, engineered live music and joined the hip hop group, Loco-Motive. However after making the change to IANxSOLO, Ian has found new life and direction with his music. He released his debut album Screen Door EP in spring of 2021 to local acclaim. Receiving mention in 303 Magazine and Westword Magazine, as well as radio play on Denver’s 102.3 FM and 93.3 FM. It is not only Ian’s recordings that have garnered praise but it is his live performances that have gained him a strong foothold in the burgeoning Denver music scene. IANxSOLO looks to continue his momentum as an artist by blending word bending and intricate lyricism with melodic and catchy hooks.


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